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Quote: Originally Posted by milky_mama Small, travel size is what I have now and like, they have just been falling apart! I bought them at Target and thought they were perfect! The two I need to replace are for my ACV/lemon/water combo that I use for no-pooing and my vinegar fruit/veggie wash for under the sink in the kitchen. I'll take a look at the near-by dollar store and see what they have - thanks for your suggestions. yep, dollar...
but you can try it and see how it works for your hair
It made my hair greasy.
Those all sound really good! I use tropical traditions insect repellent (you have to order a minimum of $16.00 worth of merchandise) but it works great. I've read that anything with catnip in it works great at repelling them...this has it, as do many others. Michelle
I bought from there once, they suck, I buy at vitacost now..great customer service...get my order in 2-3 days
Quote: Originally Posted by Linda on the move I've used both. With a diaphram, one has oral pleasure before inserting the diaphram. It only takes a second to put it in (once you have the hang of it) and is much easier and less cumbersome that condoms. Most moms I know used them while BFing, therfore use them after having kids. They are simple and don't have side effects. I have an IUD now and love it. I haven't had any side effects or problems and I've...
the old man is snoring
it's pouring
it's raining
other milky
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