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midnight is where the day begins
i love dh and dd
woot woot
I saw the organic sheets at Target, too, they are 30.00. I really wanted to get them but didn't because I was wondering how organic they really are. They're made in India. Michelle
These guys might have something: http://www.bioshieldpaint.com/ HTH! Michelle
Quote: Originally Posted by MamaKalena We used to only wash it about every 2-3 months, but we recently invested in a natural mattress and learned a lot about the importance of using a quality 100% cotton mattress pad and washing it at least every 1-2 weeks. http://www.soaringheart.com/category...ressPadsCovers thanks so much for that link!!! I'll definately be getting one sometime
yep, bare ess. contains parabans (do a google search), a nasty chemical that causes breakouts. I'd definately try Sheer Miracle Mineral makeup, they have no added ingredients like parabens. The trading post sometimes has a coop going on, but if you have to pay full price, it's worth it because the amount you get lasts forever...my containers last around 6 months (I don't use a whole lot)!!! Quote: Originally Posted by milky_mama Thank you to everyone...
Ok, I am so freaking out right now. My house is really clean, not dirty at all. Last summer, dh and I found that we have BIG roaches that like to invade our home in the summer. I was really conflicted about pesticides, so we killed the ones we saw and waited it out. They were around for a while but went away. Well, I just came from the bathroom, was in the kitchen, felt something crawling across my stomach, swatted at my stomach, and I swear at lest a 2 inch roach ran...
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