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I just want to stop. My nipples hurt and I'm over it. I feel guilty but really want it to end. She's almost 20 months I'm 14 weeks
I got the blood test results, very happy!! Now my Dh will have a set and I'm done lol! I already have a 18,13 girl and s 10 boy. With my new Dh I have a 19 month girl. He's over the moon to also have a son on the way
I haven't told Dh yet, you ladies are first lol Got results from the materniTi test today, so far so good. I bought this outfit and hung in Dhs closet, he will. Hang his jacket in there when he gets home I hope he gets it!
I'm 12 weeks baby #5 ,I just felt him 2 days ago! The Ob said usually moms with multiple kids feel it early
I Loved Aria!!!!! Like a Opera Solo.. Beautiful
Thanks for sharing ladies. You all have great perspective. Emom I understand exactly where you are coming from. I vaxed my 2nd daughter and she was severely injured from it. I'll never truly forgive myself. But what do they say?. When you know better you do better. And of course my 1st child was fully vaxed and is perfect. So don't beat yourself up, your son is fine like the vast majority of ADULT American men and that's all that matters. Im grateful my daughter isn't...
100 babies a year die from circumcision. It's Cosmetic Surgery on the genitals. I will not be doing it. My husband has to understand the boys penis has nothing to do with him or me. It is his penis and we should not be trying to make it prettier. If I put a piercing in my daughters clitoris to match mine ( I don't actually have that ), I would be crazy right ? now he is reading more about vaccines and questioning that decision ( I would have expected that ). Everything...
Oregon is sooo lush and beautiful!
Lilit, I sound crazy but I feel like it is! I know why are we even discussing it?? Much more arguing??? We arugued all thev way to 15weeks last time and beyond, ttc this pg-still bickering. So for almost 3 yrs this has been the biggest crisis. Its crazy. It makes me question our relationship honestly. How will we handle Real crisis? We must learn better communication. We're still newlyweds. I did materniti21. I find out in a week.
The mood is so negative here. He's dead set on cutting the baby, I WILL absolutely not. He's implying that he's getting it done... I'm implying if he pulls a fast one in the hospital ill leave him. It's bad =(=(=( I won't do it. I didn't do my son. Ive seen a botched adult man, it's awful. I know a baby who's tip was cut off, I'm not budging. What can I share will someone as pig headed as me?? He says this is his only son and he should choose. He should look like him...
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