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I am meeting with a mw next week and hoping she will take me. Distance is the issue here too. If she doesn't I am changing from my doc to another anyway cause there is no way that fruit is coming near me again let alone touching my baby.
That is great. I am with Brandy, well other side of the US but DH is deployed too and so it seems it will be me, the midwife and doula.
In 4 days I will have less then 100 days till my edd.. I know with a 2nd edd I am one of the top ones but still...
I am sure you have it by now but I have her website and phone number. I am meeting with her next week.
I am but it is random to say the lest, like 3-5 times one day then nothing for 3-5 days. I think once my milk changes and starts to come in again it will be more often, which I don't mind. I will enjoy having a toddler to help when I am engorged.
UPDATED TO HERE!! Now issues- Quote: Originally Posted by spatulagirl thanks for doing this! I am going to guess girl, because so far I have only had MS with my girls and this is the worst MS I have ever had. I might be blind but I couldn't find you on the list. Hint with your edd or time frame? Or do I need to totally add you? Quote: Originally Posted by Babina's Mommy Well....I had an ultrasound today and they actually...
I am still working on a homebirth, but trying to find out if wwp is in my insurance, I know Crouse is. DH said there is no way any of the family is ever going to the one in Watertown after an incident today with one of his co-workers.
At 14wk5day or so I am there. Still sick, don't expect it to leave but hormones are changing so instead of wanting to go to sleep in bed, I am wanting other things in bed from DH
They were one i was looking at. Everyone seems so far I am not used to that at all. I will pm you my email. I know no one in the area it seems. We homeschool so I always have a van fun when we go anywhere.
I haven't and I am almost 15 weeks. I had an appt last week but got lost and after 30 mins late and still not finding the place I gave up.
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