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[quote=hunnybumm;7752872] Then I got them pierced and one of the female teachers said that I need to either wear a bra or wear my sweat shirt the second I stepped out of my car. I was really self conscious from them on, I didn't realize it was SO obvious that I was pierced. I got a strapless bra and sore it every day. Can they do that? I am actually worried about that. When I did wear - even a padded - bra, my nipples showed through. After getting one too many...
I think we try to hide things that make us on par with men or more powerful. Taking away the nipple is like erasing the face. Our nipples are the same as a man’s unless they are being used to nurture our species. In that case, they are more useful. And that threatens our society. Women being equal to men or having a unique ability that men can’t duplicate is not something our society can accept. To have that upset is to require reorganization. All of our culture is based...
I am so sorry to hear about your baby being in the hospital. I'm not sure how to help. It may help to know why you say they are 'allowing' you to breastfeed? And why you are concerned about low supply? Maybe someone here has some additional info that would help? It is unusal to have low supply but because many of us in the united states are so unfamillar with breastfeeding (doctors and nurses are no exception), many people think it unusual to be able to nourish...
This is kinda tough. We recently had a similar decision to make. We decided to watch and wait. There are loads of bones down there. Broken bones don't always swell and bruise (okay, it's not the bones swelling and bruising...) There may me other damage to consider. Without her looking, touch different parts of both feet. Use a pin to lightly prick. Look for differences.
We took the 'first nursing' (actually more of a morning marathon),which began for us at about 4 am, as my waking time. Because I was otherwise occupied, DH whoud have to pass me the thermometer and after it beeped, he would read it and right it down.
I gave my son a 10 inch bike with no training wheels at 25 months. By the second day he was riding it and within the week he stopped falling. From what I understand, the amount of time it takes to learn balance on a two wheeler, assuming the child is ready, is the same at two years old as it is at six or ten or twenty. The difference is in the inertia. If the training wheels are already on the bike, they are likely to stay on longer... because the child is afraid...
Hi! I've been lurking a bit and thought I was reading alot of posts about the very young co-sleeping, too. Not sure what the trend here is, really. But whenever someone asks about age, I always give them DH's age and add ..."at least until then but I hope many, many more years." But more to your point... Our oldest is nine and we all sleep as a family and I don't expect that changing anytime soon.
Quote: Originally Posted by Ravin For a summer baby? Half a dozen T-shirts. That's it. Yep! that's all. My baby wore a sling, mostly. And remember, skin cleans real quick and doesn't stain.
We wipe down the wood toys with a vinegar and water mixture. We put the cloth toys in the washing machine. We don't use the rest.
When we do need to go to the store, we go to trader joe's first, then to whole foods. (generally speaking, we don't buy fresh produce at either place so I don't know about that). It does help that trader joe's is closer. I have found that TJ's is cheaper and WF has a wider selection. So if I see wht I'm looking for at TJ's I go ahead and buy it.
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