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Just FYI. Some meetings/ groups have a dollar donation. I have been to two that ask for a dollar -DONATION- to offset the cost of the room. Two other groups had none because the rooms were free (library and someone's home). I'm telling you this because no one told me and the first time the basket was passed around, I felt very uncomfortable - I never carry cash.
Someone asked what does being a sex object have to do with low supply? That’s not what I said, first off. Breastfeeding problems are related to the demeaning of women and women’s issues. Let’s think bigger. If woman were treated as equals, breasts wouldn’t be hidden and it would be easier to breastfeed. In the event there was a true low supply problem there would be a nursing mom around the corner able to help. A great number of moms would be nursing because...
Quote: Originally Posted by mountainsun no mama, i am talking about my 6 week old nice visual that would be a feat though! Oh must have missed you post while posting mine. I thought you were talking about nursing an older baby. If you are talking about a six week old, I'd just hold him in the crook of my arm and nurse. If I was tired, I'd squat down - anywhere. They fit nicely between your knees and you can use your elbows against...
I know what you mean - freaking out, not knowing what to do, in a situation you thought that you’d know what to do. I had trouble at first, nursing in a wrap, but figured out how to adjust so that I could for those quickies. While it’s still snug, if you slide the shoulder part to the side and lift your shirt while supporting the child on that side - gosh, I don’t even know if this makes sense. When they have been in there for a while, they are low enough so that I...
Everyone I know vaxes ... among other things
What should be done? Be Positive. Breastfeed. I think that the formula option should be ignored. I think breastfeeding should be promoted as THE way a baby is fed. I think we should assume that mothers are breastfeeding and respond accordingly. If we see a bottle, assume that it is breast milk. Breastfeed everywhere and however is best for your child. If we change our mindset, then our words will change. If you expect the best, you’ll get it. If you think that...
Quote: Originally Posted by spughy necessity tricky word
Quote: Originally Posted by annettemarie . your tone and attitude is just so harsh and unyielding that I am having difficulties truly listening to what you have to say. I can see that. So I'll break it down once more. In today's culture, you cannot support both breastfeeding and formula. If you try formula will win out.
because he goes down to the floor to cough on the patients.
No problem as big as this gets solved quickly. But don't contribute to the problem. In the meantime, extra effort is needed to turn the tide. If you support breastfeeding - Support it. If you want to change the system - Change it. If you want to make mothers feel good about themselves no matter what choice they make then, well I'd like to say something here but I won't. I'll just say I won't participate.
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