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Quote: Originally Posted by Moonprysm I don't know where you live, but where I am, I only know ONE person that breastfeeds. She lives 40 minutes away from me, and sorry if I'm not going to drive 40 minutes every 2 hours so that she can feed my son for me. . So, you see my point? More people need to breastfed to be able to help out mothers who are having problems!
Actually, the nip in the bud part was because he works in the research department at a hospital. I was hoping we could make an impact at least in his area. Perhaps it would get someone's attention if they knew the research department wouldn't vax. We are looking for policy there and he will use religion as his formal objection. I'm worried we might have some friction. Thanks for the link! Haven't gotten to that part of MT's book,yet. It is so hard for me to read.
How many mothers have died because they breastfed? How many children died because they weren’t breastfed? Why wouldn’t you try your damndest? And if you did try your damndest, you won’t feel guilty. I recognize the problems people have. I’ve had a few of the hardest myself. The problem is not breast milk and the solution is not formula so, don’t offer it as a solution. The problem is how we are expected to be as mothers, how soon we are to be outta bed after...
Quote: Originally Posted by Starr My DD, 9 months is on formula. So in your opinion does this make me a horrible mother? Why are you asking our opinion? Is there an answer you are expecting? What is your opinion? Do you think you are a horrible mother? How do you define horrible? Are there circumstances that you can identify that lead you to chose formula? What would you do differently next time? What would you do the same? What...
Yes, I've had to deal with mandatory vax. I have MS since my vax. (not related, I can assure you, since the doctor said so. I can't work now. But I'm still interested. I'll be lurking here looking for the same advice.
Also, I've heard that periods could stop. If, for whatever reason, you start nursing more often, like a growth spurt, it is possible you'll stop again. I wouldn't worry just based on that. I've heard of AF returning at 4 weeks.
It's wrong, wrong, wrong! Tell me how do people get away with telling people they have to send their children to school and then they have to get these shots? Just plain WRONG! Excuse me while I vomit.
Looking for Flu Vacine efficacy rates. Please, never mind why I'm having trouble. I have found 90% for well matched batches, and something like overall average of 38-68% for healthy adults (you know, the ones who we don't need to worry about anyway.) But I thought I remembered 15 -25%. I need to help someone (DH) being harrassed at work. They (the infection control officer) wants him to get the flu shot for the good of the infirmed he's in contact with. He...
I think 14.5 months is the average unless you supplement early with pacifiers, food, or you "schedule". That said average is just that - average. Some people menstrate earlier than others. I'm at 15 months and still waiting - not far off from average. BUT, I know someone else who is at 33 months and is still waiting! So there must be earlier times to offset that one.
Quote: Originally Posted by thismama Dudes. I have seen many posts around here shaming and judging mamas for not breastfeeding, even when they state clearly that they are NOT able to breastfeed. Either there were just too many challenges and barriers at the start and the babes didn't latch, or mama is about to go over the edge emotionally. Do you really think that breastfeeding is SO important that it is worth enduring weeks and months of pain and...
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