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Because of the cost, we decided to go with prefolds with covers (PUL and wool). A friend made me a couple of fleece wraps as well. When they get larger and will be in a specific size for a time, I will probably switch to fitteds with wool and/or fleece.
20 weeks pregnant with b/b twins! I'm Cassandra and I have a 22month old DD at home. I'm glad you started this thread here, because I never check the Pregnant forum!
With my twins (expected delivery in June 2006) I plan on a system of prefolds and covers. The covers will probably be Prowraps while they are preemie size. I am learning to knit, but probably won't be good enough until they are a size small. I have friends knitting wool soakers for the preemies though and hope to use those overnight. Once their weight gain slows, I'll move to fitteds with wool soakers/longies (my fav combo) and fleece. My almost two year is currently...
When the doctor goes in to take these babies, he is going to give me a tubal ligation. YAY! I have a 17 year old and a 22 month old, with these twins that is four kids (two more than we planned on!). BTW, one of my online friends had twins via IVF but then surprise, got PG on her own (well with DHs help). She might pipe in here...woo hoo Tracy!
I'm sorry you are having problems. I swear by Sportwash (found in the hunting aisle at Wal-mart) for my FBs. My toddler wears disposables at daycare and she usually comes home a little red, but a night in CDs and it's gone. Some babies need extra inserts in the FBs. As for explosive poo, I don't know what to say. I didn't start CDing until she was 15 months. For my expected twins (June 2006), I plan on using prefolds and covers (that have the gussets), as I expect we...
I am expecting twins in June, so I am very interested as well!
I love my Sweet Dreams fitteds (she has an ebay store)! Her shipping is sometimes slow, but I get a great fit and I have had no quality issues. The soakers are sewn in, so they take a little longer to dry. But worth it IMO! ETA: If you buy her plain, solid color diapers, they are very cheap. Even her patterned ones are inexpensive.
Quote: Originally Posted by mamamoo And, since you have til June if you knit or crochet(or would like to learn) it would be pretty fast to make a few preemie covers. There are lots of free patterns, and even free videos online to help you learn. Lmk if you want links. Yes, please provide some links. I've decided that I do have time to learn to knit and would love to make my own soakers. Thank you.
Quote: Originally Posted by spatulagirl You spin me right round, baby Right round like a record, baby Right round round round You spin me right round, baby Right round like a record, baby Right round round round I got to be your friend now, baby And I would like to move in just a little bit closer All I know is that to me You look like you're lots of fun Open up your lovin' arms Watch out, here I come LOL! Dead or Alive! Thank...
I am expecting twins (sched C/S in June) and need advice for covers for small babies. Probably around 5 lb birthweights. I LOVE wool, but sadly cannot afford as much. They will be mostly wearing prefolds and will probably just laying them in a wrap. Can anyone suggest a decently priced wrap that would be good for daily wear? I'm not sure how long they will be small babies, as mother nature has provided me with excellent BM. My DD grew quite quickly, but then she was...
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