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I'm not really any bigger yet, but I did just start wearing maternity jeans because I found myself keeping my pants unbuttoned all the time at home!  They weren't too tight, but it was just uncomfortable having that tight feeling around my bloat.
http://www.babynamewizard.com and the book are really great.  I also like http://www.behindthename.com/  There is always http://www.nymbler.com/ too.
I've always been so skeptical about feeling it so early, but at 10 weeks I felt something I really thought was movement, it didn't feel like gas.  Then today the midwife found my uterus was off to one side and put the doppler in the exact spot I had felt movement and there was the heartbeat!  So...maybe?
That's what I am and I just heard it today!  At first she couldn't find it, but then she did an internal exam and felt exactly where my uterus was (way off to one side) and then she put the doppler on it and it was loud and clear!
I wish this motto worked for me. I only really feel sane when the house is clean and tidy, which is very rarely.  A messy house stresses me out so much.  I'm better at little jobs than big ones, so when the house gets out of control I throw up my hands and do nothing.  I'm definitely coming out of my nausea now that I'm almost 9 weeks, and I've started doing little things here and there.  The weather is improving significantly now and I am so much more ambitious in the...
My daughter was 2 3/4 when #2 came along, and I found it was the baby that got "neglected".  My daughter demanded attention from me as much as always, but the baby was generally happy enough in his bouncy seat or the play gym.  He had entertainment in the form of DD zipping around, and was much less demanding than she was as a baby.
I'm working on this: http://thecakeplate.blogspot.com/2008/08/luca-cabled-baby-blanket.html  I'm making it in a bright grass green acrylic after seeing it in bright pink on a blog.     I plan to make this too: http://stockinette.wordpress.com/2009/04/06/baby-sophisticate/
Last night I had DH run out and get me some Tylenol PM and oh boy did I sleep well!  And I felt great today!  A little stuffy, but awake, no heartburn, no MS!  I think I may be done with MS (I never have it for very long)!  I actually cleaned the fridge today - it took an hour and a half and it's finally clean enough to put food in again!  Clearly I am back to my old self, it sure is good to be back!
As if MS weren't bad enough, now I have a really bad cold and acid reflux.  Seriously, only 7 weeks and I already have heartburn?  I was up most of the night unable to sleep.  DH is going to take care of dinner - I told him I just wanted Tums.  Hopefully it's just the cold that is causing it, but I've only ever had it when pregnant so I'm not sure.  Following the old wives tales, I had heartburn with DD and she had a lot of hair, none with DS and he was bald.  I think I...
We tried for this one, but we were both only slightly over the yes side on whether we should have a third, and I had pretty much decided if we didn't get pregnant this month we'd call it quits and enjoy the two we have.  So I'm pretty nervous about starting over with the baby stage again when we are just getting into the easy stage with our kids (6 and 4).  I also worry about having enough energy to give them all the attention they need.  I'm a person who needs lots of...
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