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I just didn't get undressed and said "No thanks".  If/when the nurse asks you to disrobe, ask why, and decide for yourself if you want to.     edited to add:  Do NOT get into a discussion about why you don't want to with either the nurse or dr.  Just smile and say "No thanks".
-.5 lbs   Going on vacation for a couple of weeks. I am determined not to succumb to my usual "I'm on vacation so I can eat..."  You'd think it would be easier since pretty everything I eat these days makes me feel awful.   bleh.  
That sounds incredibly frustrating.  I agree that some sort of consequence should occur this weekend, but I have no idea what.  Is there anyway to tie it to the inconvenience of the missing items?  Or efforts to make it up to the people affected?  
up 1lb  Grr.   We went camping this weekend, so I am hoping I am just retaining water due to the change in altitude, stress, and salty food.
down 3.0 lbs from last week (so 3.5 total)  
down .5 lbs   Sorry for the late post.  Holiday nonsense all day.
I'd like to join.  I'll pm my info on the 21st.
Congratulations!  That is awesome.  Keep up the hard work.
The ingredient list you provided does not include flour.  Even though the wheat berries are probably ground/blended up, and already contain gluten, they will not be as sticky as flour.  The gluten is what makes the bread stick together, so that it will hold the air that makes it rise and be 'light and fluffy' otherwise you will basically have a brick.  Which is, unfortunately, what most commercial gluten free bread is.   The added wheat gluten is just protein from...
Whole wheat bread IS gluten bread.   Wheat, rye, barley, oats (unless specifically say gluten free), kamut and spelt all have gluten.    I think you mean something other than gluten free?
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