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Home Vaginal G3P3 Water birth 40 weeks to the day! 9 lbs. Male
You ARE amazing Maman!  You are such an inspiration.  I'm in the early stages of labor and every time I have a particularly rough contraction, I think, "Maman did it!  I can too!" ;-)  Filled with joy and gratitude for you!!
Mamalove, YAY!!! So happy for you and your family!  Can't wait to see pics!  Enjoy basking in (double) the love...XO
Yay!!!! I'm SO thrilled for you!  Congratulations and enjoy your precious bundle!  
Congratulations!  Perfect names
Oh thank you!  Those adorable babes just made my day!!!
Yay! 13 Pumpkins!  You are awesome!! Congratulations! 
Congratulations, Madi!  Jude is beautiful!! Jude Sebastian!
Calpurnia, those are amazing!  I super love the bottom one!
Congratulations, Mama!  You are truly amazing! 
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