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If it's just one Aunt, then I think it would be fine to count her as close family, right?
Quote: Originally Posted by abclan "Randy" told my husand tonight that his "kids always get sick after they see us". Maybe that was the best way he could come up with to tell you he doesn't want you to visit? Either way, that was kind of a mean thing to say.
Beautiful family!!! Thank you for sharing! :
: : : Happy Birthday, Dreaming!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by TattooedMama Sadly I have realized THERE ARE NO PHOTOS OF ME to share!! : Because Mama is always the one behind the camera.... I wish my dh would say to himself "Oh look at my beautiful wife and baby nursing. I must get the camera and record it for posterity." That is so true! Or, the few pics I have of me are ones my DC took and they are not for public eyes...ie- no shirt, nursing baby asleep next to me, and...
Can you do a reverse search on the phone number and see if it really is the child welfare office? Then you would at least know it's not someone pulling a cruel prank on you. I've never heard of them getting a hold of an unlisted number like that. Seems they would have called your house phone.
The one doctor I got into it with had never even read the package inserts. : She kept saying she read them and when I asked her to show me, she showed me the VIS.
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