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Quote: Originally Posted by pookel I think I told you this last time you posted a photo, but I pictured you as being in your 40s until I saw your picture for the first time. You either write like you're older than you are, or you look REALLY good for 40ish. Just an old soul in a young looking body. I get my young looking genes from my mother. At 55, she has stiil has killer legs! She still looks like she is in her early 40's. I do wish I had...
Quote: Originally Posted by magstphil always been curious. don't know why. not as if it changes my opinion of you but you're gorgeous. : Thank you!
Quote: Originally Posted by Redifer Well, nobody wanted to see me, but I'll post it anyway... http://www.flickr.com/photos/13095189@N00/ Anyhow, MitB, you are so gorgeous! I want to see pictures of EVERYONE here at MDC! I love those pictures! You all are so beautiful and happy!!!
I look on-line or else in community newsletters for free or very cheap community and cultural events.
Quote: Originally Posted by moneca I've been thinking about this quite a bit. My question is whether vaxes can shut down our natural detox systems. I know that mercury can do this, but I wonder if there is another component to the vaxes that can do this. Here you go, this site will answer those questions. It not only lists the ingredient and which vaccines it is found in, but if you click on the ingredient, it will tell you how it affects the...
Quote: Originally Posted by applejuice MMR boosters - cause rheumatoid arthritis. It is well known for this. That is why OBs refuse it even tho they are the ones in contact daily with pregnant women. There should be a law, not a recommendation. Yep, because if it was made law, you can be sure they would all "see the light", and that shot would probably disappear off the shelves. Rubella would be declared eradicated!
Just from personal experience, my mom and my DP were severely affected by the Hep B shots. My mother now has to have weekly iron transfusions because of thrombocytopenia, which is a known adverse raction with the Hep B vaccine. She also suffers from vertigo, dizziness, and unexplained low-grade fevers. My DP had Bells Palsy after each of his shots, and is now a completely insulin dependant diabetic. ETA: They were both in their late 40's/early 50's when they recieved...
Quote: Originally Posted by srain What exactly is the coloring page a picture of? If it is of Native Americans, I would make the write-up relate to the tribe pictured. Otherwise, it would be like showing a picture of 18th-century Dutch children wearing wooden shoes and saying, "Europeans live on the continent east of Asia. They have many different languages and governments." Good point!
I don't know too much, but there is MomSpace here on MDC, and it looks like it is private and readable by MDC members. So, not as public as MySpace or some other blogs would be.
That was awesome! Thank you for sharing.
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