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Quote: Originally Posted by kdmama33 It's not a complete lie. Did you even read the articles you linked to? Yes, I did read them,but could not find the other articles, so went with the ones I could find. Lazy posting syndrome, I guess. Quote: Originally Posted by kdmama33 (Bold is my emphasis.) So they were brutally violent, and they did offer human sacrifices. Sorry, when I took Native American...
Quote: Originally Posted by norajane Actually, I have been doing a lot of reasearch on Effexor and breastfeeding, and it IS compatible with breastfeeding. You may want to check out kellymom concerning anti-depresssants and bfeeding at: http://www.kellymom.com/health/meds/...hale10-02.html OR Dr. Thomas Hale's website: http://neonatal.ttuhsc.edu/lact/index.html (He wrote the book Medications & Mother's Milk) Those studies are...
It is not good for breastfeeding mama's.
Quote: Originally Posted by Teensy There were definitely extremely violent aspects to the culture according to our tour guides, so I am expecting that. You are most likely confusing them with the Aztec people. It would be like making a movie about the Nazi's, but saying it's an acurate film about the Italians. :
A rant about deadbeat fathers.
Quote: Originally Posted by Anuska On a historical level I've heard the movie is quite accurate to the culture it depicts. Human sacrifice was the norm and taking off and mutilating body parts and throwing them down the temple stairs was part of the ritual. Ancient Mayan civilization was extremely violent. I disagree. http://www.christianitytoday.com/mov...og-061211.html http://vivirlatino.com/2006/12/07/ap...ist-no-duh.php
Crisis Nursery
They are dangerous to baby's physical development....there is a post somewhere that describes exactly how they cause the bones and tissues to malform, even in small usages.
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