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Jonathan....aka Crouching Tiger, Hidden Baby
i would love to try these.  it took a long time for me to convince my 6 year old that a home made lunch would be better than school lunch and I am always looking for eco-friendly products for his lunchbox.  Thankfully we are spending less on baggies by having storage containers, but since my hubby is a huge carnivore, i still need them for freezing meats, etc.  i wish there was a better way to do that!
1 & 2!! 
omg...we waited literally for years for ds to talk and now though i love his ever growing vocabulary, there are days that i just would looooooooooooove some peace and quiet! i'm so thankful for preschool some days!
I stand with the rest who say tell her the truth. When my sister got married, her MOH planned a very expensive weekend in Nantucket for the bachelorette party. Because my sister had 2 ceremonies (one overseas and one here in the states) I couldn't afford 2 round trip flights, dress, hair and makeup in 2 countries plus accomodation overseas AND a very expensive weekend that quite a few couldn't afford. I let my sister know that I couldn't afford yet another trip on top...
http://awkwardfamilyphotos.com/ I think my fave is Ice Ice Baby....
She was just recently named the Celebrity Spokesmom for the Holistic Moms Network. Love that there is such a smart AP/NFL advocate out there!
I think Anita Lo is going to win. She seems to cook circles around everyone. I still Michael Chiarrello...sigh. I was scared by Art Smith's lamb & egg ball.
We have the opposite issue-we stay indoors most days lately because it's way too hot out until later in the day. We've been having a blast with music & dance parties to the new Ziggy Marley cd! That's really been the big one. That and me freaking out about ds making his room a blithering mess moments after I've cleaned it! We also have a few older kids around who love to play with ds, so he'll be out with them in the garage or on the side of the house. DS also...
Thx mamas-we found out we aren't leaving the area! :
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