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Met with Doc #3 yesterday and things went very well - yay! She listened, took notes and agreed that the urinary frequency was unrelated to the foreskin, which she also agreed was a non-issue. She didi a urine test for UTI - neg. And a blood test for diabetes - also neg. She asked a lot of questions and in the end thought I should consider urinary frequency syndrome. It's basically a non-medical explanation for urinary frequency in post toilet-trained kids (avg. age 3-7)....
  I agree!   Found another doc who's not too far who's foreskin friendly. Calling today because he's peed three times this morning already. Def. something up.   Thx everyone for checking back and offering helpful advice :)  
Yes, he's going to the bathroom every 45 min. to an hour. And this is a kid with a steel bladder who never went to the bathroom at pre-school from Aug. to Dec. (He was in school from 8:45 to 12:45, or 1:45 depending on the day.) We drove to Disneyworld on 12/28 and he said he had to go pee 10 min. after we got in the car. No pain so I treated it like NBD. Then after 4 days on our trip, distracted by all the Disney craziness, he would still ask to go pee at a lot, just as...
The urine infection was ruled out in a visit to first pediatrician.
Thank you everyone. I need a ped who supports my gut feelings. He's still having this issue of feeling like he has to pee often, usually every hour, which is not typical of him and started about 10 days ago. Something is not quite right, but I don't think removing his foreskin is the answer. Thx for the tip on Dr. Fleiss. I moved here from So. Cal so I know him, although he was not our pediatrician. I'll see if a call to his office yields some answers. Thank you for that...
Finally saw a "foreskin friendly" physician this morning. I've been upset all day though after he confirmed the diagnosis of phimosis. I understand WAY more now about the foreskin and how it's supposed to function after doing a lot of reading online (no thanks to these docs!). What I am confused about, and I asked the doctor about this, is how it's possible there is something "wrong" when my older son (6.5) looks exactly the same. My older son has no problems, but the...
We're heading to a foreskin friendly doc today for a consult and 2nd opinion. I'll update later.    As for the dribbling and not wet undies, this is why I agree it's probably just urine in the foreskin and it needs to be squeezed out after peeing which I've instructed my son to do. We'll see what happens over the next week.
Need a good pediatrician in Broward who is foreskin friendly. Anyone?   Thank you!
Unbelievable that this is the state of medical care in this country. I didn't want to take him to the doctor, but he wants the dribbling to stop and he kind of insisted (I think he thinks doctors fix everything). I've not seen the dribbling, his undies aren't we, my gut is saying (was saying) it's a technique thing. As for qty., he doesn't pee a lot when he pees... I'll give it another few days with his new technique and see if things improve. 
Hmmmm... no diabetes in the family, but I will call the doc tomorrow.    Have not heard this... "The dribbling could also be a symptom of constipation."  Is that true?   I totally agree with your last sentence :-)   THX!
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