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rocks! red beans and rice?
It doesn't look like you've Oed to me...there just isn't a clear and sustained temp shift.
Quote: Originally Posted by emptytank2000 kemaji I have a girlfriend who has having a nasty reaction to her bc pills at the moment. My DH and I are both Catholic, so we're going with the NFP. I'm just hoping it will work, and we don't end up with 16 kids. : emptytank -- I does work, provided you follow the rules. Every time someone I know gets pg while doing FAM/NFP, it's because they broke one of the rules and 95% of the time they know what...
Poetgirl -- I hope you and your DH can work through this.
yup, first one.
We carry a $0 balance month to month on our credit cards. DH and I each have one. I actually just paid my grad school tuition in mine, so it currently has a large balance, but it will be paid off at the end of the month (I like getting the airline miles). Regarding the second question, I have a student loan, DH has a car payment and we have our mortgage. I'm going to have to see about putting our mortgage on one of our CCs....
I have been searching high and low for an office organizational system where we can store what we need without it being visible. Right now, our third bedroom is our shared office/game room for DH. We have two desks, a short filing cabinet, and a TV in there. We each have a printer and no drawers on either desk to store items. Part of what I need to do is to declutter, but I'm looking for a way to hide what we keep. This room will eventually be a combined office/guest...
I had mine cleaned and professionally preserved. It wasn't a huge dress, but it is in a massive box.
I have no additional information to add, but I hope that your daughter can find the strength in herself to accept her family's help.
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