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Last month, we did a finger prick lead test on both of my boys- age 3 and 10mons. The 3 yr old's test came back at 4 and the then 9 mon old came back 19. I did the arm draw yesterday and the Dr called today telling me his level was 31!!! We are renting an appt in a VERY old house, but will be moving Aug 1st. My mom and I just tested the whole house and it looks like the lead is only in the window areas- which makes sense because the baby loves to climb and play around...
The electric bill is covered in the rent of the oil heated house. The only utility we'd pay is for the oil heat. Thanks for responding!
Bump. I just need to know which is more typically: electric heat or oil.
So, we are curently renting a very old house. We have been here for almost two years, our 2nd son was born here. It's a great place. But it's so old and my baby got a 19 on his lead test. And it's small, there's no backyard,no washer or dryer...I could go on. It's only 675/month and we only pay electric, phone and internet. The heat is not electric. We're students and cannot afford a lot, but have so clearly grown out of the place we're in. We are looking for somewhere...
Thanks for the responses. I am a novice with the yogurt making, so I need a lot of help! So, I do not have a gas oven, but the crock pot method sounds like a good one for me. I have an old school crock pot that only has high and low settings. So how would I do it? Do I use cultures or pre made yogurt? Do I put water in the crock pot? Do I heat the milk first- and how much if it's raw milk (which it would be)? What is the ratio of milk to pre made yogurt or culture? I...
How do you do it? Do you use cultures and a mason jar or a yogurt maker? I considered buying a yogurt maker- but I don't want to use powdered milk which is appears the makers require you to use. Any advice? How do you do it? Step by step and your trial and error advice is much appreciated.
I know this topic is floating around somewhere...but this is more specific. I am trying to decide between buying all-clad cook wear and the kind reccomended in the back of NT- from healthclassics.com. I am also looking into cast iron. What would you choose, what experience do you have? I have onlyu sed all clad, which I love.
I think Paula Dean is def not and neither is that Ellie Kreger- the low fat lady. I do not like Rachel Ray or Sandra Lee. I am in love with Ina Garten. I do her recipes all the time and you can pretty easily TF-ify her baked goods and stuff that isn't very Tf- plus she's way into French cooking. I have all of her cook books and just love her. Mario Batali is, my dad is this metro sexual Manhattinite who goes to Mario's restaraunts a lot and he says they are very...
I save all my veggie scraps too and just throw them in my bone broth. It's hard for me to be able to throw perfectly good, intact veggies into stock and to throw away perfectly good veggies scraps in the trash(we can't compost b/c we live in an appt with no back yard). So this relieves both of my guilts- and it's more economical.
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