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Quote: Originally Posted by MamaSpruce Milo says "hold you" too when he wants to be picked up. So does Makena! That is so weird! And cool!
I'm eating mine...and burying what I don't eat.
What books? Movies? Talks...whatever are you doing to get siblings readyf or the birth and having a baby around?
I pushed my first out in 11 minutes.9lb 1oz. He had no cone head. Oh, and I did hynobirthing, but my BODY told me to push like a mofo. I think you'll know what you need when it happens. Some mamas need a little help or "coaching" while pushing. We're all different. I think it's really variable on how long a mama pushes. I've seen some take 4 hours and others take 1 minute. We're all so different.
Their (their being US obstetrics) rule is you should have it within 72 hours. My son was RH-, so I didn't need any...this time we'll do an eldon card, figure it out and then if the baby has RH+, then I'll get the Rhogham....
I wasn't born.... Anyway, we went to a Mexican place in Philly called El Vez around New Years. Usually, I am not one to even care if I can drink or not, but this place makes all of their drinks with fresh juices, purees and fruits...I needed one! I got a pomegranate Granada and it was awesome! And I felt it was healthy!!!!
I leaked through all of my cloth pads quickly. For me, it was better to use the disposables. I was like a faucet for the first 9 months of my son's life...and he nursed all the time! : Can't wait to do it again
We wont do anything to turn the baby until 32 weeks. And this is pretty much depending on the situation. If it's a first time mama, then yes 32 weeks. However, if this is the 7th baby...chances are it will flip eventually. It's just different for first timers(with any malposition) because the baby is more likely to engage sooner and stay there.
Quote: Originally Posted by ex-stasis can anyone comment on this? Actually- the risk of perforation is only in a nulaparus uterus- a mama who has never been pregnant.
Boy-Otis Girl- Ayla
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