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I actually feel shoulder dystocia is usually handled better at home than a hospital. At home, you can flip around in many different positions, which is what is usually needed to get a stuck baby out. It's much harder to do so in a hospital.
I had a 12lb 12oz baby at home on the bedroom floor. Trust me- I am the poster girl for CPD is BS!!! I just wouldn't trust this and even if this baby is big- so what? Good luck!
With my first- I was told "This baby will not be 6lbs" Meaning- he wont be HUGE, but he wont be teeny. He was 9lb 1oz. With my second...well...at first, the midwife thought he was small, so she sent me to her back up for an ultrasound- I measured 2.5 weeks ahead(this was at 31 weeks). Ok, no big deal. Then, after that, she'd palpate me and say " I keep trying to convince myself this is not a 12lb baby". I kept saying "No, no...I don't want a 12lb baby. This will be a...
I have no idea why it wouldn't be, especially if they say eating the marrow afterwards is so yummy. I already ate some. I am just asking to double check. You know how all the whacky food ideas around make people cautious! Thanks!
I made beef stock and the veggies and meat in it look really good. Is it safe to eat?
I had a 12lb 12oz baby at home who was a very frightening 5.5 minute shoulder dystocia. It is the flipping that usually gets the baby out. My son though also needed his arm to be broken and pulled out, then I changed positions twice more and he came out. It is scary. But I feel was handled so much better at home.
As a homebirth midwife, would you take a client who had a homebirth with GD, got type 2 diabetes and is nowhere in need of insulin, has a great diet, is at a healthy weight and exercises frequently? Thanks in advance!
Actually...somehow he was born over an intact perineum. I had a labial split, but that was very minor. My first was 9'1 and I tore with him. Not having stitches in your yon is really great.
Ok, I am new to fermenting. I made beet kvass and it fermented, now it's tiem for it to go into the fridge. How do I know if I messed it up? I am very excited, don't get me wrong, but I don't want to have done it wrong and end up...dying or something It looks like it worked well- it's kind of fizzy, the lids expanded, I see no mold. I sterilized the jars ahead of time... Just let me know what to look out for!
I had it because I was super stressed. My partner and I would laugh about it because I felt so crazy with my stress and my twitchy eye!
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