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Thanks everyone. We have been very blessed. As for clothes- I am not sure yet. Because of his arm, all we can do is swaddle him. I'll let you know- but i sure hope so! We are currently using 7th gen diapers for meconium poops and they just fit.
(Lizzo)Liz Name: Nesta Otis Judah Born:June 4th Time: 8:34am Weight: 12lb 12oz Length: 23 inches Arrival: Home birth He arrived @ 41 weeks,4 days Due Date: May 24th
After four hours of hard labor, we welcomed Nesta Otis Judah today at 8:34am. He is 12lb 8oz (and possibly was bigger at birth- we think probably nearly 13lb). However, he was also a 5 minute shoulder dystocia and now has a broken arm. He has to go to the chiro soon...like in an hour. He is very cute and very sweet. And...I ended up NOT needing the castor oil!!!
I LOVED this. I really loved it. When I go to a movie, I go expecting a movie and to enjoy myself...not to judge and hope it's like my life/experiences or whatever. And the birth scene....I don't want to spoil anything, but they show something I was surprised they showed and found that very cool. I laughed so hard I peed myself and cried at parts too. I want to go back!!!!
Here...10 days past EDD. Had my son at 11 past... Taking Castor oil tomorrow.
Yeah, the full, blue moon is the 31st. I think that is when I go. That'd be cool. But I may have a June baby too. I am 40+5(almost 6). I went to 41+5 with my son and then was induced. This time, I am having kidney problems, so we're thinking of doing a little membrane sweeping tomorrow. Part of me is kind of disappointed as I am not feeling rushed or over excited or even over due like last time, but with all that's gone on, it's not so bad. Plus, it's not def going to...
At a birth 3 weeks ago, I cooked a placenta and it did not smell odd at all. I used olive oil, garlic and onion and let that sweat. Then I put in the chopped up placenta with salt and pepper. Then it kind of made this sauce, so I added sherry, thyme and flour. Everyone ate it and loved it. The texture was weird, but it's placenta! I plan to make mine into a smoothie and then freeze it. We'll either use it all for me or plant it depending on my needs.
laneysprout, the cramps are you effacing. So good for that! I am here. EDD is tomorrow. I had a vag exam at my study group on Monday (and let FIVE people learn on me how to do one!) and my cervix is so far back and so posterior, we had to put two pillows under my butt for my midwife to find it! I'm like 1.5 cm and 80% effaced. So boring. BUT I knew this was going to happen and I know I just gestate longer.
My mother is a Taurus, my sister is Gemini. The idea of the baby being either frankly frightens me- since my experience with the two are so...interesting DS and I are Pisces, DP is a libra (yeah, how we ended up together : ) But oh well... I lived with a Gemini for 16 years and she's not all bad!
Well, I am going to be honest: birth is hard work. It's intense, uncomfortable and powerful. It may even be the hardest thing you ever do...but the important thing is you CAN do it. Mor elater
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