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Nothing gets blood out like peroxide. That's why we tell everyone to get it anyway and that's why I bought it.
You could try, Meghan. I am much...more padded this time around and we found it easily at 20 weeks. If you're 18 weeks, at the very least you'd hear the placenta. I so wish I could come over and give a lil listen!!! Also, most babies really quiet with a growth spurt. The other day, my babe hardly moved at all. And now the last few days its really made it up- but I am more tired,hungry and thirsty. That's how I know the baby just gained a few.
I get almost all of my birth supplies (for work and my own birth) at www.birthwithlove.com they are so prompt and have everything from earthmama angelbaby stuff to oral vit K. Everything. Here's what I've done thus far: -Birth kit that my midwife has on birthwithlove(minus pads and vit K)-$65 -Pool( La Bassine + professional kit- I plan to rent it out for my own practice as well)- gift for my birfday -Sitz bath-$8 -Various herbals and whatnot-$50 -Other random...
It's funny b/c most mamas who have done it before are more concerned with what is normal. I think it's because we forget or it's different. The baby is still really small and you may not even feel daily movement for another week or two. But to echo kkar, you'll feel it more consistently as it grows. The baby can just hide easier now.
I need a large shirt or sign that reads: F*ck with me, I dare you. :
Ahhhhhhhhh....I cnnot wait to do a castor pack again. How utterly heavenly!!! How cool you do a lot of ayruvedic stuff...we are getting into that and do love it.
I love Mother's Special Blend and Wiseways Herbal's Beautiful Belly Balm. I got A LOT of stretch marks last time (which I do love and don't mind- my son tells me he painted them on me ), but this time I have gotten significantly less and have used these since almost the beginning. I am also not itchy.
Once you've had a baby- you're kind of always around 2cm- a finger tip ish dilated and certainly more squishy. I can't reach and truthfully...I don't care enough to try!!!
I meant sitz bath tea. Sorry! There are lots of different kinds and brands. I bought some from Herblore and some from wishgarden herbs. I totally could have made my own...but ummm I am feeling like pampering myself! Once you make the sitz bath tea and strain the herbs out, you can take the herbs and freeze them onto a pad and kind of recycle them. It is a special blend of herbs and typically it's the same few. In mine there are: shepherd's purse, comfrey root and leaf,...
The ice diaper....ahhhh the greatest thing ever!!!! I am brewing sitz bath herbs and pouring it over pads and freezing them. I also bought really good quality witch hazel extract and am using that as well. I had these gel pad things that your refridgerate for my nipples and I though you could only get them at hospitals and stuff- but they had some at Target in the breastfeeding isle! They helped SO much (I got blisters on my nerps in the first 24 hours Makena was born...
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