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I feel like my DP (or maybe not the D part...) has basically pushed all the resposnibilities on me. I ALWAYS am taking care of our sweet little boy. And this is an easy kid, so it's not like he's running from this highneeds child. Whenever I do my me time, my mom watches him. DP is always doing his own stuff and can be very self involved... Ugh. He wants to go to school in Boston. I don't. Maybe I'll just not go when he leaves. Thanks mamas!
Testicals???!!! It's like I have to say "balls"...is this wrong? Am I teaching m y DS to be embarassed by the real word??? What do you call your kiddo's genitals?
Oh I cannot wait!!! Mine is 7 mons and I LOVED...LOVED being pregnant and birth! I'd do it in a heartbeat buuuut I know my babe is not ready and I am not REALLY ready
I HAVE to take me time...or else I'm a b****...and not to DS (although I can be less patient with his babiness if I'm in one of "those" moods and have not tkaen time to be ME), more like I get road ragey or grouchy with my fam. I take a yoga class one night a week, I take a belly dancing class one night a week and I'm studying with an herbologist for herbology and women that I sometimes take DS to depending on his neediness. Oh and just every now and then having papa watch...
Do you do it? If not why? How do feel about baby talk mamas? I am curious...
I hope what I'm going to say helps When Makena was really young...like from day one, I would just turn off lights, except for this rainbow light I have and only have really soft music and not talk or make a lot of eye contact with him, so he'd know this time is boring, so he should sleep. I'd nurse him laying down and he'd just doze off. Also, in the middle of the night, when he was very young and he'd still be awake after a night feeding, I'd give him a paci and put...
See...I'm 17 so I am not so far away from your teen's age. I've had friend's whose parents have given them pee tests and it just made them even more rebelous. And it's sad b/c instead of weed, they drink...A LOT b/c it doesn't show up on drugtests. I've watched so many of my friends become honest to goddess alcoholics. Invading their privacy like that really pushes them to do worse. Be open with your kids. Help them to be honest. Tell them you wont be mad if they tell you...
Preach it sistah!!!
UGGGGGGHHHH! Makena fell asleep last night wearing a FB with a hemparoo insert, the ones that we have to change every hour...let's just say We ALL need a bath!!! I like 7th Gen...I have coupons for them and I like them. they work and they don't make DS's yeast rash worse
Aren't ALL of our mothers NUTS and in like...16-40 years, we'll be that way!!! It's like....a right of passage
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