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Thank you all for your replies. I think I just need to look at this as an opportunity for personal growth--calmly and consciously thanking her for her concern without worrying if I was rude or offensive myself. This feels like confrontation to me, and I hate that, but it's a chance to be clear in my own heart and set some boundaries.
I lived in Oregon for 11 years, and have missed it every single day since moving three years ago. We hope to move back in the next couple of years. It truly does have everything--mountains, ocean, desert, forests, waterfalls, volcanoes....and such a neat place to raise children. I've spent more hours than I can remember at OMSI, the Children's Museum, and the zoo. *sigh*
So I have this co-worker. She's one of the most selfless, giving people I have ever met. One of those people who would give her last dollar to someone in need. She's also a devout Christian, and I truly enjoy hearing her talk about her faith in God, her relationship with Jesus, her prayer work, etc. So she has started asking me questions about what I believe, and whether I've accepted Jesus as my personal savior. She has talked to me about hell, and how those who...
I'm wondering if our financial situation will ever improve. Thanks!
Cat Walk, by Mary Stolz. I loved this book as a child.
Thanks for the great advice! I hadn't thought about the jam oozing out, so I'll leave room. The freezing is a great idea too!
I am baking a 9 inch round layer cake for my mom's birthday tomorrow, and I would like to have a strawberry layer in the middle. I bought a jar of strawberry jam, and I'm wondering if I can just warm it slightly so it will spread easily and use it as is. Or should I combine it with another ingredient to thin it? Thanks for any advice!
I so appreciate all your thoughtful responses. I do try very hard to look beneath the behavior to find out what she is trying to tell me. It's crazy, but I'm still shocked to see such sophisticated behaviors coming out of such a little body, so sometimes I'm really taken aback by that and take it too personally. I try to believe that this is a phase, but with my dd, it seems that each new phase is just another way she experiments with/expresses her strongly independent...
My 4.5 yo dd is going through a very sassy stage. If you try to redirect or talk to her about an unacceptable behavior, she will do the whole hands-on-hips thing, or literally turn around and walk away. Sometimes she will start to laugh at me, or will make some sort of loud huffing noise to interrupt me. It is infuriating, but I stay calm and generally ask her to go to her room until she can be respectful. Nothing seems to be working. Time-outs don't faze her,...
Thank you! Those colors look beautiful, and very similar to Noro.
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