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I don't know about the driving thing. I think the parent knows their kid best and there's a mighty difference between a teen who may smoke the odd joint and a teen who would do so and then get behind the wheel. I wouldn't assume that my kid would drive under the influence.
Hello NICU and Preemie parents. This board was a blessing to me when my daughter was born early four years ago. Two weeks ago, a close family member had twins at 32 weeks gestation - a boy and a girl. The little boy has been diagnosed with SVT and transferred to a children's hospital. So now the parents have one baby in NICU at one hospital and another in NICu at another hospital. To make this adventure even more confusing, healthcare providers are giving some pretty...
By the way, why assume that giftedness (presumably in the cognitive domain) would come along with meeting physical milestones largely dependent on core strength (like sitting up, etc) early? Early sitting/walking, etc are not hallmarks of "giftedness".  
Absolutely ridiculous.  
At present, I am residing with DH and our four children in a very small bungalow with three bedrooms. My mother is residing in a 3500 square foot (plus basement) ranch and she has been suggesting for over a year now that in an effort to cut costs and give me some kind of reprieve from my insane kid-related workload, we should move in at her house. Space-wise, it seems to make sense. The wing of the house that I would be moving my family into is quite self contained. It...
This September, three out of my four kids will be going to school, and I will be at home with the baby, my two year old son. I really want to get to work finishing my BA, and it would take me about two years as a full time student. I would have four courses on the go most of the time, but sometimes five as for a couple of semesters I would really have to ramp things up to keep ahead of schedule.  I guess I'm trying to figure out what my life would look like if I go for...
or at least we thinks. Waiting on consult withnurologist. Have any of your dh or dads or anyone you know ever dealt with and triumphed over this? He is quite miserable and worried. Thanks for any responses.
I would have done exactly what you did. It's a risk, a small risk. It suck to have to take it but honestly there are risks everywhere in life. I think you handled the situation very well, and clearly it was not a choice you found easy or made without significant ongoing reflection. Sometimes life throws us curve balls. It's up to us to handle those surprises to the best of our ability,and you did!
Hi. I really suggest taking your son to a physiotherapist. A licensed physiotherapist will work with your son to strengthen his muscles to the point where his natural stance is more upright and squared. This will prevent all kinds of back trouble down the road. Chiros are great I find for some things but ultimately you need the musculature to hold that framework in place, and if the muscles aren't strong enough then the skeletal structure is going to just fall back where...
Hi all... I spent a fair bit of time on these boards four years ago when my newborn girl was going through cancer treatment. I will never forget what a source of support these boards were. Now, my eleven year old son has just been diagnosed with Aspergers. Please, parents. I don't know where to begin. What can you tell me about where to begin helping my brilliant little boy?  He is so sweet, so smart, and so lost most of the time... Any comments will be appreciated.
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