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Am just posting here because even though we only have three kids...I am feeling lonely. Almost everyone I know has 1-2 children. We're already weird for having three but we're going to try again in December for #4 and I know I will need some form of social support. I know only one family IRL with four children and the fourth one was a surprise...I would love to meet some flesh and blood families with lots of littles but for now, I need SOMEBODY...so, here I am. Anybody...
We live in Stamford...Glenbrook area to be exact and we love it. There are great sidewalks, some cool businesses and in particular on our street, great neighbors. We love Stamford and feel like it offers the best of both worlds...small town/big city.
I have also heard that Mary Ellen Albini does births in this area.
I think that's the best birth story I have ever heard! Totally amazing!!!!! You rock.
Reid Solomon Armstrong was born at 5:02 this morning in a beautiful waterbirth...about 6 hours of active labor which is my fastest time so far. Woohoo!!!! Intense and lots of work but, am so very proud of myself. He's 8lbs 14oz and 21 inches long with a beautiful 13.5 inch head that never molded at all...came right out all hard and round. Whew! He's stunning and so happy and snuggly. I am so relieved and proud to have conquered birth again and really ready to live up the...
I'd say to go ahead and do the testing. Its non-invasive and it might give you clear defense against the induction plot just in case it rears its ugly head. Sorry this is happening though. I had a bp spike at my last appt up to 135 when I've been in the teens through the rest of the appts and my midwife just noted it and kept rolling. It does seem like yours is a little extra nervous.
Oh an update! How exciting! Hope that you're able to get things really revved! Much warm thought and excitement headed your direction! Go Mama go!!!!!
Oh! How wonderful is that story! Congratulations on your little land baby! And how do you pronounce his beautiful name?
That is just wonderful to hear! Congratulations! May your babymoon be deep and sweet!
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