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When we had our 4th we broke down a bought a new Chevy express 15 pass van. We thought about getting a 12 pass but then taking out the back seat for cargo was only seating for 8 and the back seat goes right up to the door and it had no more seating then our previous minivan. I love driving it but with gas prices we only take it when we compete with the dogs. We have 4 dogs now and the crates fit great in the back and load up our stuff. We go out of town 1-3 weekends a...
South Atlanta Ecletic homeschool group in Fayette county- since there is virtually nothing down here I decided to start my own group. There is an unschooling group in Peachtree city but not an eclectic group so since were not unschoolers I thought we would start this group. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/FayetteFREE/ Elizabeth
Mommy of 4 here! We are going to have about 2 or 3 more.
I'm against vas my self because of the prostate cancer risk and other reasons. My dad almost died of very fast growing prostate cancer 2 yrs ago. Because of grandfather history of dying from it my dad had been checked every year psa and well his level was elevating. They told him if he would have waited for more months he would have been terminal. My grandfather died of it. My uncle had it my dad's cousin has it and other family members. My dad's surgeon who worked at Mayo...
Quote: Originally Posted by simra My mom had four kids using NFP and she's anal retentive. She says it is not reliable in any way. She wanted two kids total, had five, one a stillborn unfortunately. I was the only planned kid. So, I say it is not reliable in any way and good luck to those who use it. :-) The thing is that I think your mom was probably using hte rythym method and not NFP. NFP was probably not around or popular when you were...
I did eco and my fertiluty came back at 18 mo.s then yrs later had two other children since and did eco and my fertility came back at 4 mo. pp. So now we are practicing NFP and that is working. My kids don't even eat solids until 1 yr and no bottles or anything and still it came back so quick but before it took 18 mo.s. Weird but a friend of mine said her AF pp was all over the baord with her 5 kids and she was eco bf to.
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