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Blythe for a girl.  Fortunately I didn't have to decide, with two boys.
Hi, everyone, long time no see.  I've been having a bummer of a summer.  I'm on the chemo-for-life program, due to metastatic cancer.  My DH is very unsupportive and untrusting of me, and really undermines any attempt of mine to spend as much time with my kids as possible, quality or not.  He has even insisted that they go to a summer day camp / child care every day this summer while they are out of school.  I know it's probably a good idea on some days when I am very...
Fortunately my DH was on board when I started talking about leaving our sons intact.  Our boys, now 6, have noticed that daddy looks "peeled" (like a banana I guess -- their term LOL) and they don't.  We just explained that DH's mom & dad were told by doctors back then that he had to have (painful) surgery, and so his parents consented to it.  But both we and the doctors know better now, and so we didn't have the painful surgery done to them.
Thanks everyone.  That's exactly the book I'm reading too :lol: The Talisman Ring.  Lots of fun.
How do you pronounce the French name Eustacie, in phonetic English? Thanks.
Important information to pass on.  We should all be writing our congresspeople about banning this unproven technology.
I am so sorry for your loss, Breathless.
OK, I've been a bit of an ostrich on the cloth diapering thing. My DH was very opposed, and I didn't have the energy to fight him. But, now one of our 5 yr olds is having a painful diaper rash from overnight pullups. He still pees a LOT overnight -- I would guess at least 2 big pees / night. He is also a very heavy sleeper, so can't yet grasp the concept of getting up to pee in the night. My boys are big -- size 5/6 shorts and pants. Is there ANYTHING that will be...
Give it a rest for at LEAST a month. Don't even mention it aloud. Let him process it. He has asked you for space, give him space. I'm not saying to give in. Of course not. Just let him think about it a while, especially since you have at least a couple of more months here.
Our school has all kids report to the gym. Then the students are escorted to the classroom by their teacher. That way the parents can either drop off at the school building's door, walk the child into the gym, or allow the child to walk from home. No bother to the teacher, and allows kids to come in at varying times with no logistical problems.
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