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Yes, welcome Redmom! Definitely cosigning with seasiren on the surrender as ultimately that's all we can do. Take it bit by bit and keep breathing. Do your very best to enjoy every second of your pregnancy, even through the freakouts, 'cause those are inevitable .
I'm so, so, so very sorry this happened again rosie . I hope if there is an answer to be found for why the pregnancies aren't sticking that you are able to discover what it is and remedy the issue(s). Much love doll (((((hugs))))).
How are you doing this morning rosie? RPL/RMC=recurrent pregnancy loss/recurrent miscarriage. It seems to me that with good looking betas thus far you are likely humming along just fine. Have you had anymore spotting/bleeding? Are you going to have more betas done? ybutterfly I had some pale pink spotting 15DPO a few times and once, IIRC, at 16DPO. Had to talk myself down . I completely agree that hoping for the best and taking care of ourselves are the best things we...
I get that. I talk to quite a few women who have had RPL/RMC, a few who are carrying a healthy pregnancy now or who had their rainbows already and many of them had spotting, bleeding, etc. during their rainbow baby pregnancy. They had resigned themselves that it was the end and it just wasn't meant for them to lose those babies; their rainbows thrive. You feel whatever way you need to feel b/c yes, this sucks as well as blows, hard. But I'm not giving up that this...
Ugh, I'm sorry rosie . Seeing blood when you're pg is a muther er; especially so when you're PAL. First off, if you haven't already, take a few deeeeeeeeep breaths 'cause I know your heart stopped every time you saw that blood today. I'm inclined to believe the progesterone was likely the culprit at this point as well. I've read a few different places that the suppositories can irritate the cervix. Also, some spotting and/or bleeding happens early on in so, so, so many...
Your numbers look great rosie . I hear you on the nerve fry though . seasiren I am in that same state of grateful happiness for the opportunity to even get to be pregnant again but still acutely aware of all the ways this could play out. I'm truly trying to enjoy every sensation and feel this love to its fullest extent w/o projecting too far into the future . That's disappointing for sure monkeyscience but I'm glad you're feeling like everything is still moving along...
Hi love_r4ks, congratulations! I remember you . Looking at that shift on CD19 yes, I'm inclined to agree with FF. Sometimes O will happen after CF has already dried up. Plus that 7DPO dip then temps right back up seems consistent with a 9DPO BFP (which I'm guessing was faint but there? ). Hope you're doing well!
I love your avvie bemyrainbowbaby! What kinds of symptoms do you have thus far? Grow baby(ies) grow!
Absolutely love, love, love those affirmations jese! Guess what I'll be adding to my repertoire, ha .
Hi Kaliakra! How are you doing? Are you getting the sickies, etc. yet? You're about 2 weeks ahead of me. What happened to waiting . Who the freak knows . Once I tip-toed back into NTNP all that just kind of got kicked in the teeth by TTC lol. Time is not on my side so back up on the horse I went!
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