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Hi ladies! Cheering you guys on . Been quite busy here with moving prep and only recently found a little more forum time. This thread really moves! Big chuord and much love to you doll. This journey takes way too much for some and no where near enough for others. Hi oxford! So sorry about AF finding you Mo but glad you're doing well . I was happy the snow and ice didn't stick around long and that the cities were better prepared this time. FX and GL this cycle...
mamacatsbaby Pregnancy #5 hoping for baby #3 after two losses EDD October 27 No guesses just so very thankful to be pregnant
Yay for getting past milestones monkeyscience . I hope your scan went well hallie . jese I love the visualization you were talking about on the TTCAL thread . I hope you and your Buttercup are doing well today Sami . So, a little about me. This is my fifth pregnancy. We have two boys 7 and 3 and I've had two losses, both at around 10.5 weeks, the first in November of 2012 then the second in July 2013. I had never had fertility issues before and suddenly I found...
Hi ladies! So, so, so very thrilled to be here! I will BBL to read your stories and introduce myself as I've got to make dinner. I just couldn't wait another second and wanted to go ahead and dive into this thread, well, because lol. Forgive me if that comes off as a bit abrupt; I'm sure you guys know where I'm coming from . Much love to you all and breathe lovelies .
Nice double monkeyscience . How are you handling the the iciness Mo? Hope you and yours are doing well! Hi to everyone ; hope you're all doing well! Super busy here so stalking you guys but not much time for posting. Lots of to everyone this cycle .
Stay safe Milk8Shake!
Twins, how exciting Laggie!! I've always wanted twins . I'm sorry you're so sick; just keep thinking it's all for the best cause . Super tart lemonade with ginger juice might be up your ally .
Mo, Try knocking back a T or two of raw, organic, apple cider vinegar with at least a cup of water per tablespoon for a chaser to ease the cramps. It's a beautiful thing! Have a wonderful scan tomorrow Laggie . Good to see you're hanging in there monkeyscience . PAL is certainly not for the faint of heart is it? chuord, two cycles before I caught with our DS2 I had four days of spotting before AF showed. IIRC the spotting would happen some cycles and not others...
I thought some of you ladies might find this article interesting. I know that NK cells aren't looked into as much here in the States but for the US ladies have you spoken to your providers about it anyway?
Welcome and GL this cycle Kewpie! I cannot recall seeing what surgery you're having today Siuann but I will be sending major calm and healing energy your way . I second getting a few different opinions if you haven't already done so Emily25. I hope you're successful on your journey! Xerxella, my oh my doll, yes indeed this has been a big, fat, super rich humble pie to choke down! I thought I was pretty humble before but ppppfffttttt, I got my butt served! At least...
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