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oxford: Wow! What an amazing week off you had, beautiful! Glad you're feeling so refreshed and in love . oasis: Yeah, I'm still having major anxiety issues doll. I've spotted pinkish EWCF a couple of times, spotted pinkish with no EWCF a couple of times, and had (TMI ahead) an orange-red gush Thursday morning. Any symptoms I've been feeling since around 4ish weeks have all been fleeting and vague. I was sick as a dog with my boys and felt great with my m/c. This...
I absolutely love that worrying pic, so perfect and timely. Thank you chuord . Beautiful piece you have there too! Absolutely representative of the life journey. I just adore your work lady .
Big prescott. Amazing that TTC can suck and blow so hard at the same time .
Woohoo!!!!! Big, huge congratulations oasis! Happy BD'ing mamaBlue!
chuord is my brain fog that apparent? lol B/c I sure feel like ; I'm burning stuff, forgetting things left and right, and just feeling generally lost . Becoming more real . ocelotmom: After you get some ideas as to what's going on with your cycle I hope the obsess falls into the background .
oxford: Can't wait to see how the job search goes. How exciting for you to be heading into new territory! I just know you're going to rock any upcoming interviews my dear .
prescott you should definitely make some popcorn, with lots of butter, salt, and caramel sauce . I'm on the edge of my seat here (< - - - - said salty, buttery caramel corn , perfect for this kind of wait ).
Since I can't get to the LYS for another day or so I started looking for some of my old yarn around here and I think my kids have unraveled it all and cut it all up .
*yawn* Sleepy and hungry but I'm reading along. Go on then ya Chatty Cathy's! I'm sorry about your loss Primal Joy. Welcome aboard here and I'm glad you're finding your center again. This is a wonderful group of ladies and you'll never want to leave even after going BFP . oasis: Thanks for binging me up to/back up to speed. My brain is having some lemme tell you! I remembered the clomid but couldn't flesh out the other parts . Hang in there! Don't pee on anything...
Yes, glad you guys are on the same page chuord. That always make this marriage bit run a little more smoothly . prescott: Aaaahhhhh, I love it and you're all kinds of awesome . Kitchen cloths are perfect and you're spot on with the instant gratification. Going to stop by the fabric store and get on it! I can't believe how excited I am to make something I'm going to be scrubbing pots with . oasis: I used to run what seems like ages ago and loved it but alas I haven't...
New Posts  All Forums: