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oxford, big, big . I can't stand it when our bodies decide to pull this kind of stuff .
Eeep! FX oxford!
oxford: I'd see if I could find a multi-pack also. Maybe try and do a tinkle hold for as close to four hours as possible before you test if you pull the trigger today. Kettlecorn time!
oxford: User 41D17E is chuord . And I know what you mean, I was so glad to find this group and I just love the connections I've made here . And yeah, that's exactly what it's like, baby ducks following mama duck . They're always up under me these boys lol. pattimomma: Don't strain yourself now!
Thanks so much for your input Meksmama! All this information out there on, well everything lol, can certainly make it a bit difficult to come to one's own comfort space on what we should and shouldn't do now can't it? I will say though that maca isn't an herb it's a food, a root vegetable grown at high elevation. Honestly, I believe there's enough anecdotal evidence out there with Peruvian women using maca throughout their lives to make me feel ok about it. I think we've...
I just changed my nickname on FF to ~mcb~ so I'm no longer anonymous-y .
Oh, I see you're getting in some relax time oxford, yay! Best way to handle it all . Oh, and I'm not sure who the other requester is (maybe pattimomma?) but I'm about to friend you too .
Ha! That's the first thing I did too was come stalk this thread to check on oxford lol. And big to you oxford. I'm sorry about the BFN and the temp drop, so nerve-wrecking and mood destroying those can be . I'll still keep my 'til AF shows herself. And if she does time to break out those favorite indulgences. oasis: The cassette that I used for testing this time around, and it sounds like that's the same thing you have commercially available to you there, I got from a...
Oh and BTW chuord I thoroughly enjoyed my quiet time. Now the boys and DH are running around the house screaming at the tops of their lungs, and doing karate, wrestling, and all kinds of other physicalities. I'm going to go hide soon lol.
oxford: Exciting stuff happening, got my for you! pattimomma and chuord pretty much covered what I was going to say and them some. Yeah, I thought I was going to get got, especially with that temp drop at 13DPO (booooooy, my mood was twisted all kinds of up that day!) Haha! Pregnant Manic Syndrome indeed! I see FRER's recommended by lots of women but I've never tried them myself. I think with DS1 I used Answer, with DS2 a $store cheapie, Answer again for my third...
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