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Check out youtube. I found several felting videos there.
My ds attends a reggio charter school at the Children's Museum in Portland, OR. It's preschool thru 5th grade. This is the schools 6th year of operation. The school has become quite the shining light of the school district. They have groups of teachers come and observe a couple times of year and they have a huge symposium every June. www.portlandcm.org
My kids names are: #1 - DS: Keali'ilokomaika'i Nahulu Quinn (5 yrs. old) Nickname: Keali'i (KEH-UH-LEE-EE) #2 - DS: Kekoa Elia Ethan (2 1/2 yrs. old) Nickname: Koa (KOH-UH) #3 - DD: Kanani Kanoe Isabella (EDD 08/23/03) Nickname: Nani (NAH-NEE) Each with first name and 1 middle name in hawaiian. Their first names are pretty common in Hawaii. Their hawaiian middle names are family names. Their non-hawaiian middle names are just regular names that I...
A couple of ideas... write a letter to him about his year, keep the letters a secret and give them to him when he's an adult or becomes a parent or take a picture of him in one of his dad's shirts, and continue to photograph him in that same shirt every year (noticing how he begins to grow into the shirt)
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