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It sounds like she's not ready, and I'd really be hesitant about leaving my dd/ds with someone who was not honest about what went on while I was gone. I mean, what else are they going to hide from me, you know?
We have a snug tuck pillow, and I love it. Google it, they have a website.
February was slow for me, but hopefully I'll be more motivated this month! I'm pretty much only hanging out on DBP and the Cash Cafe lately though.
I've noticed weird poops when ds is teething.
Nope, not your imagination. My both my babes were sensitive to chocolate (well, ds still is). ds spits up a ton if I eat chocolate. It's a bummer, for sure, but it didn't last past a year with dd.
Once in a while we use it for naps, but mostly it's a great place to toss ds's clothes when he outgrows them and I don't have time to put them away.
dd transitioned from two naps to one when she was around 11-12 months old. She's never been much of a sleeper though. I think I need more sleep than she does. Hah.
Your baby is still an infant. Let her nurse to sleep. Believe me, there will be a time when she will fall asleep on her own. ETA: The Baby Whisperer advocates schedules and isn't conducive to a healthy breastfeeding relationship. Toss that right out the window. Have you read any Dr. Sears books?
A lot of times, babies show the behaviors you're describing when they need something, like when they are hungry or tired. Have you tried doing some extra cuddling and nursing?
In my opinion, you don't. There is NEVER a reason to hit a baby. A nine month old's job is to explore and learn, and the grown up's job is to make sure he/she is safe by providing a safe environment. Have you tried some redirection/distraction? Is your baby's environment babyproofed and safe for exploration? Can you put things up/away? What do you mean by violent?
New Posts  All Forums: