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We've been going to story time and having park play dates with another wonderful mama and her two children. If anyone else would like to join us, please lmk.
I would love to meet for a playgroup. We will be at the Modesto Library Wiggle Worms story time @ 1015. Maybe we could go to Greceda park after and let the children play. I will PM you with my cell number.
Hi there! Have you found the info you are needing? If not, lmk. I have some friends that hb and I can ask around. I'm an RN mama too. I'm looking for mamas that are interested in possibly starting up a play group. If you are interested, lmk. Good luck and congratulations on your new baby-to-come.
I'm an ER RN in Modesto!!! Turlock is a really nice little town. The hosp you interviewed for has a really small ER and is not a trauma center. If that's the pace you are used to and are wanting to continue with I think you may be a little disappointed. There are LOTS of hs groups here. If you want more specifics please feel free to post here or PM me.
ok, I so need to jump on this band wagon!!! I need to declutter my middle sons room. I've been putting it off for months because it's just so full of STUFF!!! I guess if I'm overwhelmed with decluttering it, he must be overwhelmed playing in there! So, I'm thinking that if I post here that I'll work for 1 hr today decluttering and organizing his room, I'll feel accountable. bbl to update.
I've used Dr. Bronners peppermint soap and very hot water for years and years. Works great. Just a small bit of the soap and lots of hot water. The next time I shampoo (soon, since the weather is getting warmer) I will also be adding vinegar. I mop with only hot water and vinegar and the smell goes away when dry.
my friend and I have been meeting in Sonora on Fridays for a sing along at the waldorf store. The playtime is at 11am. You are more than welcome to join us. Is there a waldorf school in Stockton? I'm thinking of sending my youngest to nursery school in Sonora. It's a bit of a drive, but worth it. Please lmk if you are interested in the playdate in sonora. We would love to have you.
I will feed him and rock him to sleep. Sometimes he just wants to lay down so I put him in his bed and he'll babble then fall asleep.
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