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I spend hours a day on Pinterest. I think I really may have a problem.   But rather than try to curb my addiction, I thought it would be fun to stoke the fires.   Are you on Pinterest too? I'd love to follow some of my fellow DDCers! We can trade Pinterest handles via PM.
I don't remember getting BH for my first pregnancy, but I've been having them A LOT today! I wasn't worried until I looked it up on BabyCenter, and it says you shouldn't get more than 4 per hour. I'm definitely having them more often than that.   Should I be worried?
We just can't wait! I guess my guy and I would fail the marshmallow test.   We have our 20-week u/s scheduled for Dec 20, which happens to be my partner's birthday. He's very excited for that special birthday present! We'll probably spend the rest of that day shopping for clothes.   4-year-old DD is also excited to find out - every time one of us refers to baby as "he" or "she", DD reminds us: "Well, we don't know what it is yet. It could be a boy, or it could...
Since my daughter is a little older, I was thinking of checking this one out: Babies Don't Eat Pizza: A Big Kids' Book About Baby Brothers and Baby Sisters   Has anyone read that one?
This is my second pregnancy, and I'll be 16 weeks on Wednesday. I've been feeling movement pretty consistently since 13 weeks - always at night when relaxing on the couch. But the last couple of nights, I haven't felt anything.   I know it's too early in the 2nd trimester to really be worried about a break in feeling movement, but still...it's comforting when I feel that little bean in there. I'm ready for that feeling to come back!
My 4yo daughter was breech so my birth plan did a 180 - going from a birthing center with midwives to a C-section at the hospital with a doctor I'd never met.   This time, I'm working with an integrated practice of OBs and midwives, and they're known for their VBAC work. Their success rate for VBAC (i.e. no C-section) is something like 85%.   I was curious if anyone else is in this boat of trying for a vaginal birth after C-section?   The whole experience of...
This is my second babe, and I started feeling flutters last week. I just feel it in the evening after dinner when I'm relaxing on the couch. I'm 13 weeks.   So happy to be feeling the little one this early!
We ran errands this morning, then tonight we're treating ourselves and going out to see a movie - Flight. Can't wait!   Speaking of movies, we rented Safety Not Guaranteed last night - cute one.
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