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No answers for you, TJ, but I have noticed from the belly thread that the other mamas' bumps look higher up compared to mine!
  Hilarious! I would expect nothing less from you Amanda - your posts always crack me up.     I'm the same way. I couldn't WAIT to tell DD and family, but we're telling tomorrow - 12 week mark - and now I'm nervous! What's that about?   Nothing too original to tell DD. I got a "Best Big Sister" t-shirt that I'm going to wrap up and give to her as a surprise present. Then I'll have the video camera set up to capture it. So excited!   For family, they fly in to visit us...
  That sounds good to me!   But I will say that I find it helpful to use the "x Unread Posts" link right above the "Post a Reply" button - it jumps you straight to the first unread post! (where "x" is the number of posts that are new)
I've had horrible, horrible headaches twice now. I've never had a migraine, but I can't imagine a headache feeling any worse than that!   The pain was so bad I got nauseous, and I had tears streaming down my face uncontrollably.   Tylenol didn't help for me, but eating a nice protein-rich meal did. I noticed I got the headaches on days when I wasn't very good about snacking.   I hope this stage passes quickly for you!
  I know what you mean! I've only told close friends, but next week (12 weeks) we tell DD and our parents. I have been so excited to tell them and looking very much forward to it, but now that it's less than a week away, I'm a little nervous. DD and our parents will be SUPER excited, so I'm not sure why I'm nervous. Maybe just the "realness" of it all. The fact that - though it is very much what I want - I really am on the trajectory to be pregnant til May and then...
Oh my goodness, I have been craving Caesar salad EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. I normally try to go to local restaurants, but California Pizza Kitchen Caesar salad + tortilla soup = DELISH.
  Button-down shirts are noticeably straining a bit around the ol' boobs!   So I broke down and bought a pair of jeans two sizes up. I'm not ready for maternity jeans yet, and even with a bella band, I was super uncomfortable in my regular jeans!
  Did you see there's a movie adaptation coming out with Keira Knightley?
So many great dinner ideas, thank you mamas!   Here are my don't-feel-like-cooking-dinner go to options: Order pizza Black bean tacos - 1 can of black beans, 1 diced tomato, 1 sliced avocado, shredded cheese, tortillas - build taco with beans then cheese (heat up in micro to melt cheese) then tomato/avocado on top (and sour cream if we're feeling like splurging) Mushroom ravioli (store-bought) with pasta sauce and garlic bread   Wow, lasagna...
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