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  Wow, congrats, TJ! What fun it will be to nest in a new house once you get your energy back in 2nd tri.   We just bought a new house in June and did a lot of similar work. We tore out the carpet and some hardwood flooring, took out the kitchen cabinets, tore down a wall - and then paid people to put it all back together again. We're in massive debt now, but it's our forever house, and soon we'll have a snuggly little baby who we'll want to stay home with instead of...
Such a wonderful blessing! Congratulations.
Good for you on the running routine! And for being gentle on yourself after not sleeping.   I'm 9 weeks tomorrow, and I'm keeping up with my daily walking routine, for the most part. I have skipped a day here or there when I feel particularly yucky.   I'm also hoping to add in some yoga after 1) I don't feel like crawling back into bed 24-7, and 2) my thoughts aren't consumed with where my next food is going to come from to stave off nausea.
New thread for October is here: http://www.mothering.com/community/t/1364835/october-exercise-accountability-thread
  How are you feeling now? I'm no doctor/midwife, but it sounds more like round ligament pain because it was a sharp pain that occurred when you went from being at rest to moving.   If you're scared about it being a m/c sign, if that were the case it seems more likely that you would have felt cramps or even contractions. At least, that's how m/c felt for me.   I hope you're feeling better!
  Congrats, TJ! 180 is awesome!
  Ooh, let me know what you hear! I was wondering the same thing and completely forgot to ask at my 8-week appt.
  Oh dear. That episode with Buffy and Spike in the house falling down around them? HOT.   What a fantastic dream that must have been!
  I just read that out to my partner, and we both     I had a t/v ultrasound yesterday, so I feel ya!
New Posts  All Forums: