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I'm also hungry all the time! But I've also noticed I can't eat a "full" meal at mealtimes. I get full very fast, which is annoying when I know I'll be hungry in about another hour or so.   Bailey, I haven't noticed my DD acting any differently, maybe yours is just very in tune with you!
I'm loving reading about these dreams!   Unfortunately, my vivid pregnancy dreams are all SCARY. Like last night, I dreamed that we sold something on Craigslist, and the guy we sold to came back and broke into the house, and I was trying to get away from him so I could call 911.   I'm ready for some guacamole dreams.
crunchybroccoli, I'm so glad you shared your good news too! Yay for no spotting!!!!!!!!!!   Please keep me posted!   Quote:   SilaM, my first day of spotting was at 6w3d, then tapering off for a couple days and more again on 7w1d (that was Thursday) and tapering off again.
Oh, SilaMarila, I'm so sorry. You are in my thoughts.
SilaMarila, hugs for you as you deal with this. Yes, we just want that spotting to stop!!! I wonder if there's a chant we could all do at the same time?   crunchybroccoli, thank you for the lengthy post! I've read it twice through now.   I like your approach to DTD at this stage, and it's something for me to aspire to at this stage. I need to stop being such a nervous nelly and stop thinking this is going to end how it did in May.   So I called my dr's...
When is your follow-up scan, porcelina?
Oh, mama.   and and   I had a miscarriage in May this year, so those feelings are fresh on my mind. I also needed supplements to sustain my first successful pregnancy, and I didn't use any supplements in May. It's not a bad thing to try to trust in your body. Still, I know those feelings of kicking yourself.   You are in my heart, porcelina.
I don't wish this on anyone, but it is SO nice having someone else in the DDC who is going through this! Thank you for keeping me sane about this.   Did your midwife give you any indication of how long this sort of spotting might last? I think I know the answer (it always depends, right?) but just curious what her take was.   The thought of not DTD til second trimester as a precautionary measure isn't very appealing...
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