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  I needed that, thank you!!!
It's awesome that the spotting has become more scant!!! That has got to help you breathe a little more freely.   Thank you for checking in on me...on Tuesday I had a scant amount of brown spotting in the morning, and nothing yesterday, so I was feeling pretty jazzed. Then this morning, I had a small amount of pink spotting.   TMI: Yesterday afternoon, my partner and I "played around" for the first time since DTD on Saturday when the spotting happened the first time. We...
TJ, your symptoms will fluctuate for sure, try not to worry!   What happens when you have a miscarriage is that your hcg levels taper off over a few days til they get back to 0. My last pregnancy was a miscarriage: I actually POAS the day after some crazy painful cramping, and it was positive, but then I lost the tissue the next day.   Hope that's not too much detail, but POAS wouldn't be a good predictor of something wrong because even after you lose the tissue, you...
That is completely understandable why you might be a little gunshy! Is your partner excited about the pregnancy?   I am living with my partner, and we've been together a little over a year. We were both married previously, and DD (4) is from my previous marriage.   So I think I'm in a similar situation from those respects. I've been enjoying our time alone and am nervous about how a little one will change that. I wouldn't say I'm scared, but I am uneasy.   He...
My answer will be boring, but...   I don't have any inklings either way. When I was pregnant with DD, I had a dream about a girl with curly blonde hair, and that's what I got. So maybe I'll have a dream in the coming weeks that will give me a feeling...   Honestly, I would be happy with either!
I'm vegetarian and have been since way before I was pregnant with DD (#1). Great idea to start a thread so we can swap ideas!
Thank you for the info, mamas!   Is the internal ultrasound common at the first appointment, or is that typically something you have to request?
My partner and I just got back from an orientation with our caregiver practice tonight, and our first appointment (8 weeks) is next week. I had been expecting that they would do the Doppler at the 8-week appt, but tonight I found out they wait til 12 or 13 weeks to check for the heartbeat.   Is my memory unreliable because it's been 5 years since I was pregnant with DD? When does your caregiver check for heartbeat?   I didn't get a chance to ask follow-up...
I'm no expert, but from what little I've read if you haven't already been taking it regularly before pregnancy, it isn't a great idea during first trimester. It can cause uterine contractions, I think.
  Thank you Lynann, and to all the mamas dealing with former losses and spotting this go-round.
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