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Welcome, Jessica!  
Mamma Mia, I don't have anything to share either direction, but no high and mighty here. Just as you deal with this decision.
  We're going to wait to tell family and close friends til after the 8-week appointment or maybe even til after 12 weeks. I had a miscarriage in May and then a chemical pregnancy last cycle, so we're being extra cautious. (BUT...before the m/c I was spotting off and on the entire pregnancy, and this time NO SPOTTING, so I'm very hopeful.)
Ooh, I may check that one out! Here's a fantasy with a strong female character that I *loved*...Graceling by Kristin Cashore. Also: The Adoration of Jenna Fox, more on the sci-fi side.
Welcome and congratulations!   The thought of spotting throughout an entire pregnancy does not sound fun, I agree! But it sounds like you have a great caregiver and some peace of mind that the spotting is not related to a miscarriage. That's a good thing!   Here's to a calm and centered first trimester for you and all the other pregnant mamas too.
  Love!!! I am a Scrabble fan too, so this sounds so cute!
You are in my thoughts, SweetMama.
I played hooky from work today and stayed home. As soon as I dropped off DD at daycare, I went back to home, climbed into bed, and took a 2-hour nap.   That was this morning, and I'm ready for another nap now. But it's time to pick up DD!  
Welcome to all the latest May mamas!   Jen, this must be a very tough time for you. Please keep us posted on how your dad is doing and how you are coping.
Thank you for sharing this! It looks like LabCorp has a couple locations in my area, so I'm going to ask my doctor at my 8-week appointment if they could order the test and how much it would cost.  
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