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Half an hour each way, twice a day, is two hours of driving for you and your kids every day. I would *never* expect someone to do that for me on a regular basis, or to take on the cost of gas themselves. Quite frankly, that's nuts. I'd simply say that I could do it that one time, but that I can't afford to pay for that much gas and that two hours a day in the car (that's 10 hours a week!) is too much for your family. It is what it is.
M, I am so sorry for your loss. It's good that you got to be with her; I'm glad you had that chance. I hope in time your memories of her gentle and become something to treasure, rather than something painful. It's really hard to get there, I know. You're in my thoughts.
I had a hard time seeing a difference between any of them.
My kids will always happily chow down on anything someone else offers them, because it's *different.* It can be the same exact thing we serve at home, but if it's not at home, hey -- apparently it transforms into an entirely new and exciting food. But really, they're quite well fed and we do practice our "being a guest" manners. However, I don't let my kids just roam the neighborhood.   We're that house now -- the one with toys out and an adult home, so the...
I love the idea of an advice tree. You can throw a party for me any time! *lol*   It almost feels like they're competing for a reality show. Like Punk'd. Or World's Tackiest Family.
I can't wait to hear how this turns out! What a crazy situation. Hugs to the OP!
In my mind, "summer brain drain" is a lot like the wedding business -- it's an industry focused heavily on creating a specific need, to the extent of becoming a part of our culture, but there isn't necessarily a real problem being solved. If meeting certain testing standards is the primary goal, then summer brain drain is a real problem. If raising healthy, well-rounded children is the primary goal, then summer brain drain is a non-issue.   Right now, my kids are...
I straddled six months between two kids. DD grabbed herself a face full of Spanish rice when she was 5.5 months old, after several weeks of us thinking she was just interested in the spoons and forks we were using. She took to food enthusiastically, and it didn't diminish her b00b m0nster status at all. DS wasn't interested in food until 7 months, and even then he had a slow start. It just wasn't his thing. DD ended up nursing until the day before her fourth birthday,...
DS (nearly 5) was diagnosed with sensory processing disorder about two years ago. We heard a lot of "he's just being a boy" and "he's just active" and all that. Well, he IS a boy and he IS at an active age, but he also has SPD. He does everything other kids his age do, but he does a lot of them more intensely, and he throws in a few quirks of his own. His big sister will go tearing through the house and flip a few headstands on the couch and run around. DS will tear...
I know when companies mail something to your house unsolicited and ask you to pay for it if you want to keep it, legally you're not at all obligated to pay for it or return it. I wonder if the same applies here. Either way, I have a real problem with setting a little kid up for disappointment like that. Way to make the parent a bad guy.
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