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ETA: You mentioned that your ds is intense. Check out Raising Your Spirited Child by Mary Sheedy Kurcinka. Even without the sensory issues, my ds is also intense and I remember that book having a good section on sleep issues for the intense kid and how to help them settle down and stay down when it's time to let your body rest.
DS slept through the night well (with nursing) until he was about a year old. Then he started asking to nurse more and more. By two it was a habit that he was waking up for 8-12 times a night. Very different than my oldest, who nursed at night when she needed it and then outgrew the need on her own! It took three gentle tries at nightweaning before we hit a window where ds was ready to nightwean. He did sleep much better -- relatively -- after that, but at three now, he...
There are some CT LLL leaders at www.fclct.org/discussions, if you page them in the Breastfeeding forum. I don't know their e-mails off the top of my head, or I'd just PM you those, sorry!
Many people and much less than last year? We're giving photos of the kids in nice -- but deeply discounted -- frames to close family members and photos of the kids without frames to extended family members and some friends. I'm canning a ton of different kinds of applesauce, jams, and peach salsas and dh is going to make fermented sauerkraut and pickled veggies closer to the holidays. We can combine all of those to make various "sweet and sour" baskets. I'm also needle...
I would be inclined to turn that one right around. "So besides sitting in your chair and programming on the computer all day, what did you actually do?" Like, did you use your lunch break to pay some bills, run an errand, do the budgeting, make that doctor's appointment? Did you multitask at all to do any of those things during your moments of downtime? How about when you went to the bathroom? Mm-hmm. OK, dear. Whatever.
Yes. We fall on the eclectic unschooler side of things. So mostly we play. This year he's also signed up for a few activities that he likes, including a co-op class on science and nature that he started with last year. We also have a set of pre-literacy exercises we do with him from his speech therapist, which is about as "schooly" as we ever get.
I was so afraid of that when they found clothes above one of the ceiling tiles. I am so, so sorry.
w00t! Just started canning this weekend. I've put up 14 pints of peach salsa and 8 pints jars plus a quart of plum applesauce. Next up: peach applesauce! I've found canning weirdly intimidating. There's the whole "if you screw this up, you could kill someone" thing. And it's precision cooking, which has never been my thing. I can do it, but I find it nerve-wracking. Still...it's exhilarating to see all those beautiful jars full of yummy treats lined up on the shelf,...
Quote: Originally Posted by Freud Well as a citizen of the US, I have certain rights, including the right to be innocent until proven guilty, even for something as small as an illegal turn. Sure, you have that legal right, but if you DID make an illegal turn, you also have an ethical obligation to own up to your responsibility, not lie about it to the court. (Which is what you would be doing if you claimed "innocent until proven guilty" when you...
Frozen grapes are awesome. I stock up whenever organic grapes go on sale, wash them, and put them in a freezer bag. That carries us through the winter and into the next organic grape season. They're also really good for teething toddlers. You can peel and quarter them or just put them in a bowl whole, depending on the readiness of the kiddo. Freezing them concentrates the sugar and they have a little crunch before melting, making them the perfect soother for sore gums.
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