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She is close to my age..25 I think.
Like Risky Business? I remember that movie being so shocking when I was a kid! I don't even remember where I saw it but I was like 7.
when anything is missing it is usually under dd's bed. We found a box of Christmas presents under there...unopened. FOR my mom and stepdad : It had been missing for months! I had cleaned in there but she either moved it during room inspection or it was hidden in the "crack" between the wall and the head part. She has a bunkbed that is too heavy to move so I have her crawl under their periodically and drag everything out.
I mean the theory above, in the thread, not in my post. I wish I could evict the boogers I have the sneaking suspicion that I have the flu :
watch has something do with laundry...no I am totally guessing!
If this were the case (and not to perpetuate toothless hillbilly stereotypes, I have knowledge of this having lived in such an area) wouldn't two people in say a rural area who do marry w/in the same gene pool, not necessarily first cousins, but cousins nonetheless, have a similiar makeup? Yet many in this area have imperfect teeth. Or is that different because say 2 families settle in the old days. One family we will call family A, one family B. For the sake of...
Quote: Originally Posted by a-sorta-fairytale I was very small and young looking until i had dd. I remember going to pick my sister up from elementary school when i was 24 and having a teacher insist that i go back to my classroom until i had a pass This happened to MY mom when I was in school. Back in the 80s. She is a tiny woman and still looks younger than her age.
Old news but what do you think about this http://www.troll-baby.com/2006/09/28...hats-not-hawt/ Quote: September 28, 2006 Pedophlia is the New Small Dog in a Purse? That’s NOT hawt. Dear Paris Hilton, I recently watched your new music video, Nothing In This World on YouTube. I cannot believe that the part of the boy, was apparently about 14. He looked younger than that, by the way. Now I’m no prude. I know boys dream about stars, especially in their teen...
I look really young too. I brought my sister to the ER over the summer (she is 15) and got some attitude from the nurses about needing to release her to a parent or guardian. I understand that is the norm, but they kept acting weird and when dd was in a room I got in a conversation w/ one of the ladies and my age came up somehow. Oh I think she recongnized me and I said I had brought dds in before and then they asked how old they were w/eyepopping at the answer. ...
Are there any catalogs that are not too "pagan" . and for older kids (6 and 9) I don't know if that is the word I am looking for. MIL always asks me what to get dds and tells me what she is getting so I have no issue there. I think she might like some new ideas though and she likes getting catalogs. but she is VERY Christian so I don't want her to be offended!
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