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Anyone like them? Putting a plug in for my cousin. He is the guitarist http://www.myspace.com/kannal
My daughter (9) does that and she IS on the spectrum. Her cousin does it also and is not that I know of. dd also has OCD and her OT had said that it is also an OCD thing.
does modest needs have an income minimum? We make a good amt. but have had a lot of long term medical bills(several accounts going all the time from dds problems and extended hospital stays) , It would be good to have a backup for when we have a horrendous amount due in a short time due to an emergency.
My oldest is 9 and she had them removed at 5 plus tubes in because they were constantly a factor in her asthma/sinus infections/sleep apnea, etc. She had a resistant bacterial infection and it went away finally. They were terribly infected, pitted and green pus covered, gross! and huge when they were removed and the dr. said she felt good about removing them, she doesn't always reccomend it like some dr's and had said a lot of parents push for it when she felt it...
dd has some south pole, G unit, baby phat type stuff because that is what is popular at her school but they are from the thrift store mostly or TJ Maxx. JcPenney's does sell South Pole, at least in the jr.s section.
I'm sorry. I am in the same boat only my sister is 15 and still at home. She overdosed while she was visiting me this summer. She also had/has an untreated eating disorder. I don't talk to her parents anymore. apparently it is my fault. I haven't talked to my dad since August.
I really wanted to adopt a pit bull through one of the rescue groups here (they have adoption days at Petsmart that is where we got one of our rescued rat terriers). This poor girl had been used as a bait dog because she wouldn't fight. She was covered in scars and actually had her ears cut OFF with scissors in a badly botched home docking.
I got a 17, close to average. I think dh would get pretty high! My 9yr old has Asperger's (most likely, diagnosed PDD-NOS years ago but everybody says more Asperger's than anything). I am more like little dd...ADHD! plus social anxiety and OCD. Little dd is SO hyper but not medicated and while I have some of the social anxiety big dd has I have a whole lot more ADHD hyper, not paying attention type traits. It seems to be getting WORSE as I get older! I lost 3 sets of...
dds like cherry primadophilus for kids (by Nature's Way). when they were little I'd crush it up in applesauce. Also they take emergen-c,more when sick, and usually every day. I have noticed a difference in my dd with PDD-NOS (like Aperger's most likely) she is 9 and it seems like the large amts of B vites help her brain (that and her DHA stuff). I get sick when I forget to take the emergen-c!
Now I know of a new title for my myspace page....kidding
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