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older news but still applies (I foster a rescue dog for AR lab rescue): http://www.dogsonly.org/bunchers.html Hundreds of dogs seized from Arkansas Class-B dealer In the largest multi-agency investigation (Federal, State and Local) on any animal issue in the history of the United States, the USDA has seized hundreds of dogs, mostly beagle, hound, and lab mix from a kennel operated by a Class-B dealer in Northeast Arkansas Scroll down to learn what you can do to...
Hi, I was diagnosed w/ OCD several months ago. I thought I was going nuts! Looking back I can see now that I have had it all my life but not the same type (pure-OCD mostly mental). I think I have cycled through just about everything: germs, harm, health (I have had some heart probs and that seemed to set everything off again) worrying about kids' health (well I have a reason for that but I can't change it so why worry right?). When I was little I would freak out...
My therapist thinks I have a post traumatic stress like reaction to the thoughts. I am not exaclty thinking the thought but I am stressing on the thought of possibly thinking the thoughts. My old psychiatrist said I may compulsively kill my children so I am freaking. My new therapist is shocked that he would say that because people with OCD are LESS likely than the regular population to be violent. Therapy is hard. so far I have gone over my stefather trying to kill...
http://www.footphysicians.com/footan...wn-toenail.htm I ended up having to have surgery on mine, it was infected, but haven't had any problems since.
biting the child!
that totally sounds like dd except her older sister, 8, also does it and they make any excuse they can to get up. bathroom, water, whatever. We started locking our door at night and will let her in in the middle of the night if she is sick, scared, or has a nightmare but not otherwise. She used to say she had a bad dream (5 minutes after she lays down) but stopped doing that.
OMG How scary Becca! My dd is 5 and still antagonizes the dogs, both small rat terriers. One will put up with anything but the other will growl if he gets squashed and then will lick dd's face. If she doesn't respond he will growl again and fake snap and then lick her face again. Like if you don't stop harassing me this is what I am going to do. I try to get her to understand that he doesn't like it when she is rough but she doesn't listen because he has always done...
I'm sorry you have it so rough right now ((HUGS))
dd #2 was FTT forever it seemed and dd #1 was 22lbs at 3 1/2 due to feeding problems. They are both lower on the charts for height and weight still but have grown quite a bit since then!
I didn't know they still did assessments. dd goes to public school (pre-k) and is already pre registered for K in August.
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