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I used to have this problem when I was veg. everybody would try to push chicken or fish off on me as "not meat". I was veg and then vegan and then veg again for most of my life (raised vegetarian), I only started eating meat a few years ago when I had a lot of health problems. It ended up being something that meat didn't help but by then I wa sin the habit of eating meat.
Mr. Seahorse. We got it from the library and I was about to spontaneously combust if I had to read it again!
interesting, I'll have to try that avocado pudding
definitely something you can stick some nursing pads in!
I love red walls. Our house is a hodge podge of colors, it was painted when we move in sea foam in the bathroom (other bathroom has wallpaper) BRIGHT yellow in dd #2's room sort of aqua green in dd #1's room a beigy color in our room and living room light cream in dh's office green in the dining room cream in the kitchen
I am proud of myself, the last box I got I shared w/ dds and it lasted quite a while. I am allergic to chocolate so I have an excuse not to get teh oh so yummy thin mints and samoas!
2yrs w/ dd#2, she nursed until she was 3
dd does this but she has mild autism, in most respects she is a normal kid. Now that she is older she flaps her hands by her hips and doesn't do the O mouth anymore.
art supplies are always a hit around here. ALso Playmobil stuff is great!
we get emerald sesame kale at the Wild Oat's deli somethimes. It has sesame seeds, LOTS OF GARLIC, sesame oil (I think) does anyone know the recipe? It is so good and one of dds' favorites!
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