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I am right there with you except my kids are 5 and 8. Not saying that I am perfect myself, far from it! I yell sometimes too. Dh is very mainstream w/ regards to his discipline.
I second the Moosewood cookbooks!
I notice that I don't get sick as often at this weight, when I was under 120 I was sick all the time and had a lot of health problems. I guess that is a good plus but I don't like how I feel (jiggly, weighed down) carrying all this extra weight.
She was about 3m old.
Not sure where I should put this but it kind of relates to mental health (I have been both anorexic and bulimic in the past). I have gained A LOT of weight on meds. some of it I needed to gain but I have gained 30 pounds on Paxil, 10 lbs on Prozac, and 10 lbs on Lexapro. So about 50 in all some of which I have lost already. I am not on anything right now. Has anyone else gained a ton on meds and what did you do about it?
I am addicted to their iced chais!
just wanted to say I am sorry you are feeling bad! Some things you might want to try: extra garlic elderberry emergen-c (dd says it "unsnuffs her nose" when she is sick) and definitely aciodophilus w/ antibiotics
I am thinking about sending dds to art camp this year. It at the local college and is for kids from kindergarten through 15yrs. http://www.ualr.edu/csa/summrcamp.htm classes: * Art Sampler * Chinese Brush Painting * Chinese Language & Culture * Creative Storytime * Creative Writing * Drama * Guitar * I.Q. Music for Kids * International Cooking Arts * Keyboard * Kindermusik * Martial Arts * Musical Theater-Dance *...
I nursed dd #2 until she was 3 and her dentist never had an issue. Here is his site (we are in AR) http://www.drmanagan.com
My oldest dd liked http://www.boowakwala.com and http://www.uptoten.com
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