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If I were you I would keep your DS fat away from that situation. YIKES! nothing wrong there!
I would love a tummy tuck but I have a few funky heart issues so I am petrified of going under!
hmm interesting. I had never heard of a corn stove, I'll have to send a link to my mom.
I am not postpartum but one that seems to help is "Omega-3 Mood", I got it at the health food store and it has DHA and EPA
We use cast iron and got it at evil Wal-mart plus hand me downs. I see them all the time at estate sales.
So scary! I am glad he is ok!
dd is in 3rd and has a ton of homework. Her homework counts towards her final grade. They are only suppose to have X minutes of homework but it often takes her much longer since she has a motor delays. Also she HAS to have her handwriting EXACT (she has suspected OCD..for real) or she will erase and erase and take doubly long.
too funny
I think designated pregnant spots are a good idea though!
I don't think pregnant women should take those spots though I admit I did use a grocery store scooter when I was really preg but I was not supposed to be walking around at all.
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