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due on nov 8th, my birthday lol
im down 13 pounds so far, i never really gain until the 3rd trimester, and its never been more than 10 pounds except with my first child
im already huge, I look like 4 or 5 mts pg and only 9.5wks...I too ache alot espically when I first get up or after I do to much. this is my 11th pregnancy (4th baby) I havnt had as much ms which is great...but im definattaly feeling differnt.. and already have a mini waddle because my hips hurt so much
how exciting, congrats
I ended up getting subway and YUCK! I guess I just enjoy eating organic to much these days, I hadn't had it in like 6 years or so.. I wasnt missing much.. dh on the other hand was more than willing to eat my 1/2 LOL
guess im on the other side of pittsburgh from you guys (braddock hills area) just wanted to say hi! I have 4 dd's, and a suprise on the way
Im 9 weeks today, feeling nausiated for like the first time in a week, I feel down the steps yesturday afternoon so i was advised to rest for the next 48 hrs, I have my first appt on tuesday I can't wait to hear the hb for the first time. Dh is working today so Im home alone with the kids, I have really been really craving subway which I havnt eaten in years, so if im feeling better I might make the trip. Hope everyone has a good day
I couldn't do it without my dh's blessing, I have thought been thinking about just not making it to the birth center in time LOL
im 8w2d and I could of sworn I felt a little flutter the other day, dh says im crazy... I know I felt my last dd around 11 wks though, so im guessing gas.. im pretty inturn too, but I also think my days may be off a little..so im sticking with gass for now LOL
Quote: Originally Posted by amama2six Oh I wasn't saying your pregnancy was the cause...just that changes like pregnancy, new siblings (didn't you say she was a middle-child?), moving, etc. are harder on some kids than others. My six year old is very sensitive so small things set her off; I definitely know how frustrating it can be! When things aren't exactly as she wants them to be (right down to the kind of bowl/plate she wants to eat off of) she...
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